BDTA Dental Showcase 17-19 October 2013

Come and visit us at the BDTA Dental Showcase at NEC Birmingham on 17 – 19 October 2013. Stand Number E18a

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HK awarded UK Platinum Partner 2013

HK Rapid Prototyping have been awarded leading UK Partner 2013 with Platinum status.

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MEDTEC UK, 1 – 2 May 2013

Come and visit us on Stand 314 at Medtec UK on 1-2 May 2013 at West Hall, Olympia, London.

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The NEW Objet30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer installed at HK

The Objet30 Pro is the new Desktop printer with the capability to print 7 materials, with the accuracy and resolution of a high end printer. These materials include VeroClear, High Temperature and Durus materials.

This machine is now installed in our Demo facility, along with the Connex 350 machine.

Contact us now for a sample part or a demonstration.


The Industry’s Widest Desktop Versatility with 7 Materials.

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Stratasys expands material range to 107 including 39 new ‘Digital Material’ composites for the Connex

Stratasys announced 39 new ‘Digital Materials’ available with its Stratasys Connex range of multi-material 3D printing systems. This development places Stratasys customers at the forefront of additive manufacturing in terms of range of possible printing materials to choose from. Customers can now select from 107 materials ranging from rigid to rubber-like substances in terms of texture, standard to ABS-grade engineering plastic in terms of toughness, as well as from transparent to opaque, in terms of clarity and shades.

90 of the 107 materials made available by Stratasys are ‘Digital Materials’, derived by the composite mixing of primary Stratasys materials. This enables designers, engineers and manufacturers to simulate very precise material properties to closely resemble their intended end-product with the greatest level of realism. The use of the Stratasys Connex multi-material 3D printer allows users to also combine up to 14 of these materials; such as rigid and flexible, or opaque and transparent materials, at the same time in a single consistent model.

With 39 new Digital Materials, Stratasys have become the first 3D printing company to break the 100 materials barrier.

The company has also today launched two new material enhancements. It now offers a new and improved Stratasys Rigid Black material (Stratasys VeroBlackPlus) providing increased dimensional stability and surface smoothness for all-purpose rapid prototyping applications.*

Stratasys’s 2011-released High Temperature material, offering the high thermal functionality of engineering plastics will be available on all Stratasys Connex and Stratasys EdenV 3D Printers and the new Stratasys30 Pro Desktop 3D Printer.

About Stratasys Digital Materials
Stratasys’s Digital Materials are multi-phase composite materials fabricated by the Stratasys Connex 3D printing system. The main purpose of Digital Materials is to combine different materials to produce a new material with new attributes that are not available in the separate individual constituents.

Stratasys’s Digital Materials are generated on-the-fly based on the two distinct cartridge-based materials that are installed in the system.

The Stratasys Connex family of 3D printers is able to simultaneously print two resin materials to create 90 different types of Digital Materials. Together with an initial choice of 17 cartridge-ready materials, this gives users an overall choice of 107 different materials and composite material combinations.

*Availability initially limited to specific regions

DISCLAIMER: Stratasys Ltd. does not guarantee the final release and availability of materials, products and/or features referred to herein. Materials will be released subject to Stratasys’s sole discretion. Not all released materials are currently available for all platforms/systems. Stratasys will update its website further to releases become available and/or compatible with specific platforms/systems.

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Armac Martin Boosts Product Range and Wins More Orders with Stratasys Desktop 3D Printer

Samples with customers up to four weeks faster with in-house 3D printing

Furniture fittings specialist Armac Martin has announced a rise in sales orders since installing an Stratasys24 Desktop 3D Printer at its facility in Birmingham, UK. “Since the introduction of 3D printing we are turning more of our customers’ ideas into new products and as a consequence we are winning more orders for our factory,” confirms Paul McGrail, Armac Martin Managing Director.

Armac Martin designs and manufactures handles, knobs, bolts, catches, castors, door knockers, hinges and other furniture fittings, many of which are bespoke designs specified by customers. The Stratasys24 Desktop 3D Printer, used to test new designs and produce product samples for customer approval, is enabling Armac Martin to save costs and service customers faster according to Mr. McGrail: “Now we have the Stratasys24 3D Printer working in conjunction with our 3D CAD capability, our Technical Sales Managers are able to get one-off samples to customers without interrupting production on our CNC machines. This means samples are with customers up to four weeks faster than before, sometimes in just a couple of days from the initial discussion. We’re also making savings in tooling which would normally be required to produce the samples in metal.”

Ease and quality of finishing are also key aspects of producing the samples. “We compared a couple of different rapid prototyping technologies and found that Stratasys provided the fine detail and quality of finishing we require for our work. Our products are high-quality decorative items so it’s very important that samples are beautifully finished,” says Mr. McGrail.

Armac Martin purchased the Stratasys24 Desktop 3D Printer through Stratasys UK distributor HK Rapidprototyping. Nigel Bunt, Sales Director at HK Rapidprototyping, adds: “It was clear from the start that prototype realism was vital for Armac Martin. Stratasys 3D printed parts are very easy to finish to a superb standard, which Armac Martin verified in tests with competitive models.”

To achieve realistic prototypes, Armac Martin spray paints the majority of parts produced on the Stratasys24 Desktop 3D Printer. Mr McGrail elaborates, “The majority of the time we paint the 3D printed models in a silver or gold to emulate metal fittings like door handles or knobs and we’ve had some parts nickel-plated. Parts are also often drilled so that they can be fitted in the same way as the final product. Our customers need to be able to visualise the final effect; the realism of samples produced with Stratasys 3D printing makes this possible.”

Mr. McGrail concludes, “From the first approach to HK Rapidprototyping, through subsequent meetings and producing our first parts, the service has been nothing short of excellent. This, combined with the exceptional quality of samples we’re producing, and ease-of-use of the Stratasys desktop 3D printer has made this purchase a great success for us.”


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3D Printing Part of a Brave New World

‘Brave New World’ is a 5 part series currently running on Channel 4 and presented by celebrated physicist Professor Stephen Hawkins. It explores how exciting new developments in the scientific world are transforming our everyday lives.

Each week a collection of some of the Worlds most respected scientific minds present the most radical and exciting scientific breakthroughs and technological advances. This week was the turn of additive layer manufacturing and 3D printing.

Designer Max Lamb explores the huge advantages 3D printing offers to engineers and designers to simply the prototyping process and create stronger, lighter and more material efficient objects. Lamb also hints at the exciting future of 3D Printing from producing entire commercial airliner wings in one print, to a rapid prototyping shop on every street corner.

Brave New World is available for catch-up on 4oD

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New Compact Multi-Material 3D Printer from Objet

Stratasys have announced the release of the Objet260 Connex machine, a compact, office-friendly printer that uses the worlds only multi-material jetting technology.  This allows the user to select from a large range of materials, from Rigid (Vero family) to Flexible (Tango family) to Transparent (VeroClear) and the newly released ABS-like material.  A single model can also be made using up to 14 individual materials in one print run. 

Stratasys’s inkjet based technology enables the mixing of 2 materials to produce materials with distinct properties, colours and textures.  Users can create up to 51 composite, digital materials based on various combinations of the original 14.

The machine has a 260x260x200mm (10.2×10.2×7.9″) tray size and can build layers down to 16 microns.

The Objet260 Connex is an affordable, compact version of the Stratasys multi-material range of 3D Printers, that enables designers and engineers to rapidly build prototypes to simulate their intended end-product closer than any other technology.

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Material Upgrade for Alaris30 Machines

A new upgrade has been released for the Alaris30, to bring a new level of application versatility to Desktop 3D printing.

With this upgrade, you will be able to utilise your printer for a wider range of applications and thus get even more value from your investment. The upgrade gives you the ability to print using any of five supported model materials:

Stratasys VeroWhitePlus, Stratasys VeroGray, Stratasys VeroBlue, Stratasys VeroBlack and Stratasys Durus white.

The upgrade is available now until the end of the year.

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Objet 3D printing features on Blue Peter

Stratasys 3D printing features on Blue Peter, 19th April at 4.30pm on BBC One

Stratasys Geometries Ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, will feature in a special technology segment of the Blue Peter children’s television show on 19th April.

Dr Greg Gibbons, head of WMG’s Rapid Prototyping and Tooling team at the University of Warwick, will appear as a guest on the programme to demonstrate the process of 3D printing on the Stratasys Connex350 multi-material 3D printer.

 The programme will be aired on 19th April at 4.30pm on BBC One, repeated on the Sunday 24th April on the CBBC channel, and will also be available on the BBC iPlayer for one week.

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